Palace’s Christian Benteke is wanted by a Chinese club!

The Dutchman is the main contender for the Golden Boot in the Chinese Super League. He is a good player, who can score goals and is also a good defender. BenteKE is a very good player in the English Premier League. The club has already signed him for the next season.
The Chinese Super league is the most prestigious tournament in the world. The top teams from the country fight for the title. The winner of the championship will be able to enter the Chinese FA Cup. The tournament is held every year, and it is a great chance to win the title of the best club in the country.
Benteke’s potential is obvious. He has a good game and is able to score goals. The Dutchman has a contract with the club for the season 2019/20. The transfer fee is not so high, which is a proof that the Chinese club will not be able not to buy the player.
Will BenteKe be able?
BenteKE has already scored a lot of goals in the EPL. He scored 11 goals in a row. He also scored a hat-trick. The Chinese Super club is interested in the player, and they will have to pay a lot for him.
It is clear that the club will have a lot to do in order to win a place in the top-4 of the Chinese championship. The team will have several problems. First of all, the main star of the team is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the club, who is called “Bentley”, is a young goalkeeper who has already played in the Premier League for a long time. He was a very reliable goalkeeper for the team.
Another problem is the lack of a good striker. The main striker of the Dutch team is Van Persie. The Belgian striker is the best player in his position, but he is not able to take the lead in the attack of the game. The situation is not very bright, but the club is very rich, and the club can buy a new striker.
However, the Chinese football fans are not very happy with the lack in the number of goals scored by the club. The fans expect a lot from the club and are ready to pay for it.
Who will be the main contenders for the winner of this tournament?
The Dutch team has a great opportunity to win gold medals. The coach of the Netherlands, Louis van Gaal, is very good. He managed to get the team to the Champions League. Now, the Dutch club is in the strongest position in the domestic championship.

The main goal of the players of the Eredivisie is to get into the Champions league. The first round of the Champions will be held on May 18. The Eredi-cup is a tournament that is held in the Netherlands every year. It is a chance to get to the top 4 of the tournament and to enter into the Europa League.
You can watch the tournament on the website of sports statistics. The information about the game is updated in real time. It’s easy to find the results of the matches.
Latest Eredevisie Results
The season of the European Cup has already ended, and many teams have already qualified for the Champions’ League. However, the fight for places in the group stage is not over yet. The next round of this competition will be very important for the clubs.
In the first round, the matches of the teams that have already reached the group stages will be played. The following teams will be in the tournament zone:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
Each of these teams has a chance of getting into the group of the next round. The teams will play against each other in the next stage of the competition. The winners of the games will get into a higher group, and then they will play with the teams from lower groups.
At the moment, the EFL Cup is the tournament of the English football. The competition is held once a year, which allows the clubs to get a chance for a place at the European cups.
Results of the Latest Matches
The EFL cup is held twice a year. The matches are held in two groups. The best teams from each group will go to the next group. The group winners will be ranked in the first position.
This season, the English teams have a good chance to enter to the European competitions. The results of matches are very interesting, and you can watch them on the reliable website.
Manchester United is the team that is in a very difficult position. The Red Devils have a very high number of points, but they are not in the best shape. The players have to do a lot in order not to lose points in matches with weaker teams.
Liverpool has a very successful season, and its results are not that bad. The Merseysiders are in a great shape and are able to fight against any opponent. The squad of the Reds is very strong, and their players are able not only to score a lot, but also to pass the ball well.
Arsenal is also in a difficult situation. The Gunners have a high number points, and this is a reason for their low position in EFL cups.

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