Chelsea are ready to pay £50m for Alex Sandro!

The transfer window is coming to an end, and the club is trying to get as much money as possible from the sale of its main player. The Portuguese is one of the main stars of the team, and he is still able to get the best out of himself.
The club is ready to sell Sandro for a huge amount, and it is worth noting that the player is not the most expensive one in the world.
There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of the player, but the club has a good chance of getting a good price for him. The main thing is that the club will be able to pay the transfer fee, and this is what the fans are waiting for.
Will the club buy a new goalkeeper?
The summer transfer campaign has been very successful for the club, and they managed to get a good deal for the goalkeeper. The club has already signed a new one, and now it is necessary to find a suitable replacement for the veteran goalkeeper, who has already played for the team for several years.
It is worth highlighting that the new goalkeeper is a good choice for the position, because the club already has a number of good options for this position. The goalkeeper is able to play both in the defensive and in the attacking line, which is very important for the defense.
In the current season, the club managed to score a lot, and in particular, it managed to win the champion title. The team has a lot to show, and therefore, the new signing is a very good choice.
How to follow the livescore today?
It has already become much easier to follow live soccer scores, because now it has become much more convenient to do it. The fans can follow the results of the matches of their favorite teams, and if they want, they can even follow the progress of the game day by day.
At the same time, the fans can also follow the development of the livescores of matches that are held in other countries. Now, it is much easier for them to follow all the news, as well as to learn the results and the schedule of the upcoming games.
This is especially important for those fans who want to follow their favorite team. The most popular platform for this is the website of sports statistics, which provides the latest information about the games of the teams and the players.

The website of the sports statistics has a wide range of information, and among the most important are:
* livescoring;
* schedule of upcoming games;

* results of matches;
and much more.
So, now it’s much easier and more convenient for the fans to follow not only the results, but also the schedule and the lives of the games. The website of statistics is available to all users, and there is no need to install any special software.
Who will leave the team?
At this stage, the main question is who will leave his position in the team. There are a number players who have already left the team and are not able to be replaced. Among the most likely candidates for leaving the team are:
1. Lukaku.
2. Sterling.
3. “Manchester United”.
4. Rooney.
5. Martial.
6. Rashford.
7. Lingard.
8. Valencia.
9. Mata.
10. Rashford’.
11. Valencia.
It’ll be interesting to see who will be the first to leave the club. The players who are leaving the club are::
1 Rashad;
2 Ling;
3 Mata;
4 Rooney;
5 Sterling;
6 Sane.
If you look at the list of the most probable candidates for the departure of the club from the team of Josep Guardiola, you can see that they are all very important players for the current team.
You can always follow the news about the team on the website, where the information is updated in real time.
Where can fans watch the football matches?
Now, it� is much more easier to watch the matches that take place in different parts of the world, as they have been launched on the sports website of professionals.
Fans can follow all livescore of the football games, as it is possible to do this thanks to the website. The information about today’ football matches is updated live, and you can always find the schedule, the results or even the schedule for the upcoming matches.
Moreover, the website provides information about competitions that take part in different countries. This is especially interesting for those who want not to miss anything important from the world of their favourite sport.
What is the schedule?
There is no doubt that the football season is coming, and many fans are looking forward to the final match of the championship. Now it is very convenient to follow it on the site of sports professionals, where information is always updated in live mode.

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