Why Tottenham can win the Premier League this season!

The Spurs have a good squad, which can be strengthened at any time. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The Spurs are not the best team in the world, but they are the main contender for the title. The teamโ€™s main rivals are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City.
The main goal of the Spurs is to win the coveted title. This can be done by winning the Champions League, but the main thing is the Premier league. The Tottenham can be a real contender for winning the coveted trophy.

The Tottenham started the season well, but after that the team started to lose points. The players are tired of playing against weaker teams, so they are trying to win gold medals. The fans can see the results of the Tottenham in the following matches:
1. Tottenham vs. Arsenal. The Gunners started the match in the top 4, but Tottenham scored a lot of goals and won.
2. Tottenham at home. The match ended with a score of 1:0, but Arsenal won. This is a good result for Tottenham.
3. Chelsea vs. Liverpool. The Merseysiders started the game well, and the score was 3:0. However, the game ended with the score of 0:3.
4. Manchester City at home and away. The Citizens started the home match well, scoring the first goal and winning. However the game finished with a 0:4 score.
5. Norwich vs. Manchester United. The Red Devils started the away match well. However they lost the match with a 1:4 result.
6. Everton vs. Watford. The Hornets and the Hornets started the games well, winning the first match with the goal of winning the title of the best performing team. However Watford scored the first two goals and the team lost the game with a 2:1 score.
It is clear that the Spurs are the best candidate for winning gold medals, but their rivals are not far behind. It is also important to note that the teams in the middle of the standings are not so strong.
All the results can be found at the website of sports statistics.
League table of the Premier LEAGUE
The Premier League is one of the most interesting tournaments in the entire world. The top 4 of the English Premier League are: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. This season the teams have been playing for a long time, so the players are not tired of the competition.
At the beginning of the season, the teams were not very confident. However it is obvious that the leaders of the league are the Spurs and the Gunners. The latter has a good lineup and a good coach. The problem of Arsenal is the absence of a good goalkeeper. The club has a lot to improve, but this will be done in the near future.
In the Premier League, the clubs have to play against each other in a series of matches. The first match of the series is the match between Liverpool and Chelsea. The teams have not played for a while, so it is very important for them to win.
This will be easier for the Reds if they can get the first victory. The Chelsea players are confident, so this is a great opportunity for them. Liverpool is not as strong as the Spurs, but it is also not the most confident team.
Chelsea has a very good lineup, but Liverpool is a real team. The Reds have a great goalkeeper in Jorginho, who can save the game of the goalkeeper.
It will be very interesting to watch the match, because the teams are very confident and ready to play.
Results of the matches of the first round
The first match was a real success for the Gunner. The goalkeeper of the Gunnners, Lukas Podolski, saved a penalty kick and scored the goal. The goal was a great success for Liverpool.
Liverpool started the tournament very well. The squad of the Reds was not very strong, but its leaders are very strong. The most important player of the Liverpool is the striker, Steven Gerrard.
Gerrard has a great game and scores a lot. The striker has a contract with the club for a few more years. The player is a very important person in the team, because he is the leader of the attack.
After the first game, the Reds were in the first position of the table, but now they are in the second position. The reason for this is the fact that the Gunns are not in the best shape. The coach of the club, Brendan Rodgers, has a bad luck, because in the last season he lost the Champions league.
However, the Gunnlines have a lot more to improve. The following problems of the squad can be noted:
ยท The lack of a strong goalkeeper. Arsenal has a number of good players, but no one can save a goal.
ยท The team is not very good at the defense.
These problems can be solved in the future, but at the moment it is too early to say that the Reds will be able to win a trophy.

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